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Featured Vehicle: 2013 Bentley Continental GTC in Malibu, CA -

Stunning, hand-built interior (Mulliner Package) 500 hp V8, All-Wheel Drive, Convertible, only 1,710 miles on odometer.

Click the link above for more pictures and get it today.

[Transfer or sale completed through leasing company]

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Featured Mid-Size Luxury SUV - 2013 Mercedes-Benz ML350 in Katy, Texas -

$4,000 incentive to take over their lease!

Spacious and luxurious cabin, Short-Term Lease (20 months remain), perfect for family and traveling.  Click the link above and contact the seller today!

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Perfect Sunday Roadster: 2014 Mercedes-Benz SLK250 in Columbus, OH -

$463/mo. AMG Edition pkg, hardtop with panoramic glass, heated Air Scarf seats-backs, dent repair covered, included set of winter tires, and much more.

Click the link above to read full details and included options and take over this lease today!

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Featured Luxury Sedan: 2013 BMW 750Li xDrive in Abington, MA -

$3,000 incentive to take over lease.  Perfect for anyone who prefers a large sedan with class-leading performance and handling.  Let’s not forget a huge and comfortable backseat thanks to the long-wheel base.  

AWD, 4.4L twin-power turbo V-8 (443 hp 479 ft. lbs torque) 0-60 4.6 seconds. 

Click the link above for details and contact this seller today!

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(Top Down) 2015 Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger or Chevrolet Camaro

Torque News - Entry Level Comparison -

Which entry level American muscle would you pick?

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Featured Sedan: 2014 Chevrolet Malibu in Thompson, OH -

$389.17/mo, 25 City / 36 Hwy, leather heated seats, blind spot monitor and much more.

Click the link above and contact this seller today to take over their lease!

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Mercedes reveals 503 hp AMG GT S. (Top)  This Porsche 911 fighter replaces the ‘gullwing’ SLS AMG (Bottom)

Based off of looks alone, which one do you like better?

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- Is that a new Ferrari???

Image credit: @NueVue

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[Everything Apple Announced Today - - LifeHacker]

Do you think Siri’s voice function on the #AppleWatch could help limit distracted driving?

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Our Featured #Luxury Listings in FL & NY available for lease transfer.

[Bundled Links here -]

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Electric cars are silent and boring right? Wrong! Listen to the banshee-like whine of the Saleen FOURSIXTEEN (Tuned #Tesla Model S)

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Check out this 2013 BMW M3 in Phoenix AZ -

414 hp, high-revving V-8, benchmark performance coupe, 13 mo. remain on the lease.

Click the link above and contact this seller today for full details.

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Featured: 2014 Toyota Prius in Vernon, CA -

Special Edition Persona Series is loaded to the hilt.  Solar panel roof, Head-up Display, Forged Alloy wheels…See Window Sticker

Click the link above and contact this seller today!

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Featured: 2014 Cadillac CTS 3.6L PREMIUM in Pittsburgh, PA -

$1000 incentive, 321 hp V-6, AWD, Bose Sound System, Too many options to list!

[Click the link above to see all options and details on window sticker and comments section.]